Why Are My Doctor Bills So High?

How Do I Fix Medical Billing ErrorsWhy are my doctor bills so high? If you are like many Americans today, high doctors bills and other medical bills have caused you financial hardship in recent years.

Thousands of patients have gone bankrupt due to medical debt in the past ten years, and 75% of them actually have health insurance. The truth is that you are not to blame for these outrageous expenses, and neither is your doctor!

It’s very difficult to understand medical billing. It’s a complicated thing.

The answer to the question of why are my doctor bills so high rests on the fact that 80% of all medical bills today contain errors. These medical bill errors may be invisible to the ordinary patient, but in reality they are the result of medical billing “codes” that are used to bill for certain items, and hidden fees and exceptions which can be charged by insurance companies.

Mistakes when entering these billing codes are extremely common: You might be charged for things like a “facility fee” at a hospital, which your insurance company won’t pay for. Double-billing is all too common. So is coding your doctors bill for brand-name drugs when you’ve specifically asked for generic, or services you never received.

These are just a few reasons why your medical bills can end up costing you so much, even when you thought you had “full-coverage” insurance.

It takes a special set of skills to detect medical billing errors and negotiate your doctor bills back down to a fair and [Read more...]

What Happens When You Can’t Pay Hospital Bills?

What happens when you can’t pay hospital bills? Hospital bills are often outrageously high these days. And most of the time, it’s because they contain errors.

In fact, medical billing mistakes are extremely common. Did you know that over 80% of medical bills contain errors? Some of these can be ridiculously large, but still may be invisible to the average patient.

  • Have you been charged for a full night’s stay when you checked out early?
  • Were you billed for a private room when you did not have one?
  • Have you been overcharged for basic medical procedures?
  • Were you charged for medications which you did not actually receive?

These are just a few of the many hundreds of medical bill mistakes that are out there. Hospitals will often bill you twice for a medical procedure you had to undergo twice, even if the [Read more...]

How Do I Fix Medical Billing Errors?

Why Are My Doctor Bills So HighHow do I fix medical billing errors? Just like you, these days, more and more Americans are asking how to fix medical billing errors. Our healthcare system is becoming larger, more bureaucratic, and medical billing codes, which are used to charge items during a patient’s stay, are easily mistaken and misinterpreted by those entering them.

Because of all of these factors, medical billing errors are becoming more and more common. In fact, approximately 8 out of 10 medical bills today contain medical billing errors. What this means is that every person who receives a medical bill should scrutinize them thoroughly, and make sure they are paying a fair and accurate amount.

  • Were you billed for medical tests that are covered by your insurance?
  • Have you been double-charged for a medical operation?
  • Has the hospital inflated your charges for basic items like facial tissues and nursing supplies?

Fixing medical billing errors can be a long and tiring process.

  • You can contact the hospital and your insurance provider, send them an itemized list of your concerns, wait for them to investigate your claims and respond with an oftentimes insignificant offer.
  • You can negotiate with your health services provider yourself, and very often [Read more...]

How Do I Find Mistakes On My Medical Bill?

Did you just receive a new medical bill from your doctor or hospital and wonder why it is so high? Are you wondering “How do I find mistakes on my medical bill?” You are not alone.

High health care costs are the principal reason that the Affordable Care Act was enacted, though it remains to be seen whether it will have any effect at all. What we do know, however, is that medical costs are increasing. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2011, health insurance premiums rose 8% to 9%, substantially outpacing the 2% inflation rate for the rest of the economy.

But are the rising costs on YOUR medical bill legitimate?

It turns out that approximately 80% of medical bills presented by hospitals and other health care providers contain medical billing errors. While some of these medical bill errors might be minor (like being charged twice for a single dose of generic medication), other medical billing mistakes can be outrageously large, like redundant hardware billed but not used in a knee or hip replacement surgery.

Regardless of the amount, medical bill mistakes can be very hard to detect if you are not trained to look for them. So here are a few quick tips to help you spot the obvious problems. The more difficult medical billing errors may require [Read more...]

Are There Mistakes On My Medical Bill?

Are-There-Mistakes-On-My-Medical-BillAre there mistakes on my medical bill? Unfortunately for many people today, the answer to whether or not your medical bills contain mistakes is “more than likely”. Many Americans are facing large amounts of medical debt today, and the sad truth is that many of them are being asked to pay amounts which don’t accurately reflect the services that they were provided.

In order to understand why and how these medical billing mistakes come about, it is important to know a little bit more about the medical billing system and how it works.

Medical diagnoses, medical treatments, medications, and medical bills are described in codes. CPT codes are used to describe hospital patient services, ICD codes describe medical diagnoses, and ICF codes describe disabilities and the functioning level of patients with disabilities.

And while these medical billing codes may be helpful to hospitals and other healthcare providers for [Read more...]