How To Fight Medical Bills

These days, with medical billing errors being very common, and healthcare costs spiraling out of control, many Americans are wondering how to fight medical bills.

About 80% of medical bills contain errors, which can be anything from being charged for facial tissues and toothbrushes, to being double or triple charged for a medical procedure. If the cost of your medical bill seems wrong or unreasonable to you, then there is a very good chance that you are right.

Despite the rampant medical billing mistakes on many patients’ bills, all too often patients either don’t know that they are being overcharged, or don’t know that companies like us exist, who can help you fight unreasonable and wrong medical billing charges.

  • Is your medical bill much higher than the average cost of the procedure?
  • Have you spent hours upon hours trying to sort through the mysterious medical billing “codes” on your bill, only to find that you still can’t make sense of it all?
  • Are you tired of being relegated to insurance company call centers, when you just want to speak with one person who actually cares and who is willing to help you?
  • Do you want a solution and an end to your medical billing problems?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then we want you to know that our team of experienced medical billing advocates is here to help you, and was created to help everyday patients, exactly like you. Whether you are facing hundreds of dollars of charges, or tens of thousands, we want to help you achieve a permanent solution to your medical billing problems.

We will help YOU save time, win back YOUR money, and, most importantly, relieve you of the stress of going through this all on your own.

You see, the saddest part for us, is when we hear and read about patients who have spent tens or hundreds of hours on the phone with hospitals, physician’s assistants, and insurance companies, only to be told: “we see that there is a mistake here, but unfortunately there is no way for us to fix it.”

We don’t ever want this to happen to you.

We don’t ever want you to be thrown in the game of “he said, she said” that happens between hospitals and insurance companies.

We don’t ever want you to spend hours of your precious and valuable time on hold with your insurance company customer service representative.

We don’t ever want you to be blamed for not paying your bill on time, or have to ever even speak with a collections agency representative.

Is it your fault you were incorrectly charged? No.

And you deserve better than having to spend your time, money, thought, and energy dealing with other people’s mistakes.

So don’t, please DON’T, let yourself go through that.

Instead, contact Medical Bill Rehab. We will help win back YOUR money that YOU deserve, and we will save you the time, hassle, and stress of fighting medical bills yourself. If you’re wondering how to fight medical bills, we are how.