Why Are My Doctor Bills So High?

How Do I Fix Medical Billing ErrorsWhy are my doctor bills so high? If you are like many Americans today, high doctors bills and other medical bills have caused you financial hardship in recent years.

Thousands of patients have gone bankrupt due to medical debt in the past ten years, and 75% of them actually have health insurance. The truth is that you are not to blame for these outrageous expenses, and neither is your doctor!

It’s very difficult to understand medical billing. It’s a complicated thing.

The answer to the question of why are my doctor bills so high rests on the fact that 80% of all medical bills today contain errors. These medical bill errors may be invisible to the ordinary patient, but in reality they are the result of medical billing “codes” that are used to bill for certain items, and hidden fees and exceptions which can be charged by insurance companies.

Mistakes when entering these billing codes are extremely common: You might be charged for things like a “facility fee” at a hospital, which your insurance company won’t pay for. Double-billing is all too common. So is coding your doctors bill for brand-name drugs when you’ve specifically asked for generic, or services you never received.

These are just a few reasons why your medical bills can end up costing you so much, even when you thought you had “full-coverage” insurance.

It takes a special set of skills to detect medical billing errors and negotiate your doctor bills back down to a fair and reasonable price, the price that you thought you were going to end up paying – or less.

Your best chance for maximizing a fair discount off of your doctor bills is to utilize the skills and knowledge of a team of legal and medical professionals who have many years experience negotiating the health care system.

If you feel that you are being asked to pay an unjust amount for your doctor bills, Medical Bill Rehab is here to help you. We will thoroughly review each and every one of your bills using our proprietary methods and databases, and we will overcome major and minor medical billing errors to ensure you get the greatest reduction in your medical bills possible.

You’ll find that most doctor bills can be settled for at least 20% off- and often much more than that-, but you have to have a team of people with the experience and credibility to deal with even the toughest cases. Don’t blame your doctor, don’t blame yourself, and don’t sit around wondering why are my doctor bills so high?

Contact us today, and we will help resolve your medical bill problems at no up-front cost to you. We are just a phone call away, and are ready to assist you!