Why Medical Bill Rehab?

1.  Because over 80% of medical bills presented by hospitals and other care providers contain errors (and probably yours, too).  Many of those errors may be outrageously large, but  would not be obvious to you because of confusing and incomprehensible codes and terminology generally known only by medical professionals.

2.  Because you are responsible for every dollar of those bills, whether insured or not.  Did you know that 3/4 of people who go bankrupt because of medical bills actually do have health insurance?

3.  Because hospitals and other care providers will settle with you for 20-50% off, sometimes even for as much as 95% off, but only if you know how to understand the bills in the first place.

4.  Because your best chance for maximizing a fair discount with your medical provider is by utilizing the skills, knowledge and experience of medical and legal professionals who have decades of experience negotiating the health care system, who will thoroughly review each and every bill using our proprietary methods and databases, and who will negotiate the best discount possible, as well as addressing and overcoming major and minor billing errors.

5.  Because taking steps now for minimizing medical bills and negotiating payment or a payment plan will often help in preventing your accounts from going to collections, and preserving your good credit.

6.  Because the skilled experts at Medical Bill Rehab LLC typically can help resolve your medical bill problems in 5 to 30 days.  Appeals, of course, will take longer.

7.  Because the skilled experts at Medical Bill Rehab LLC will help resolve your medical bill problems at little to no up-front cost to you when using our contingency payment plan, where we are paid from your savings only after successfully completing review, analyses and settlement negotiations on your behalf.

8.  Because the skilled experts at Medical Bill Rehab LLC are just a phone call away, and are ready to assist you.

Contact Medical Bill Rehab now for a free consultation and analysis of your medical bills.